Tournament Rules

Start Time

  • Registration starts at 8:00 AM
  • The Putting & Chipping Challenges are from 8:00 – 8:45 AM
  • The tournament will start at 9:00 AM Sharp under a shotgun style start.


  • Captain and Crew Style Tournament.
  • Every member of the foursome will tee off. Choose ONE drive from the tee. Choose your best shot! By the end of the day you will use at least one drive from every member of your team
  • Each person on the team will hit just once per ball location. If your team has 3 people, each person hits once with 3 hits taken total.
  • MEN UNDER 70 will tee off from the WHITE tees, MEN 70 AND OVER will tee off from the GOLD and LADIES from the RED tees.
  • Maximum score on each hole is double bogey. Please pick up after double bogey and move ahead.  This will help with the tempo of play

Fairway and Green Play

  • The Captain selects the best tee shot of the foursome.
  • Place a tee, or marker next to the selected shot, the other 3 players pick up their balls and hit their next shot from the marked spot.
  • This is repeated for each shot until the ball is dropped in the hole. (The ball may be moved two (2) feet in any direction (no nearer the hole) in fairway or rough.)
  • Once a member makes the putt into the hole, there is no need to have everyone else attempt the putt. The hole is finished and the team moves on.


  • There is only ONE score for each hole and round.
  • The Captain keeps the score next to their name.
  • An “X” is placed next to the member’s name on the hole that their drive was used as one of the shots.
  • Please turn in one copy of your scorecard as you make the first turn, second scorecard turned in after tournament play to the sound system table in the dining room.
  • This will help speed up the end of the day
  • See the example scorecard below.
  • Maximum score on a hole is double bogey.
  • For example: The hole is a Par 4. You reach the Green in 4. Each team member takes a putt. Unfortunately, all 4 of your team miss the putt. Pick up the ball and score that hole a 6 (six).
  • Another example: The hole is a Par 5. You have just hit shot 7 and have landed on the green. No need to putt. Score a 7 (seven).
  • scorecard


 Special prizes

Hole in One Contest – $250 CASH

  • Both Men & Women – Hole 8
  • Immediately after tournament play, a hole in one must be reported with a witness to the sound system table in the dining room.



  • Longest Drive  Holes 13, 18 (in the fairway)
  • Closest to Pin  8, 11, 15, 17 (on the green)


  • Longest Drive  2, 9 (in the fairway)
  • Closest to Pin  4, 8, 17 (on the green)


If you are the last team at Hole, please bring the Longest Drive/Closest to Pin markers in and deliver to the sound system table in the upstairs dining room.


Fun Stuff


  • Each foursome will have the opportunity to sign up for a Skins Game Contest.
  • The Cost is $20 per foursome.


Buy A Red Tee

  • $5 each ( all 4 team members = $20)
  • LADIES:  In lieu of RED TEE, take 10 giant steps from Red Tee (no leaping or running!)  Use same tee shot location for all ladies who purchased a Red Tee.
  • All team members who purchased, must use on same hole
  • Any team members who did NOT purchase, must tee off with no advantage.  WHITE for Men under 70, GOLD for Men 70 and over and RED for Ladies.
  • Write “R” over the hole number on your card to indicate Red Tee used.
  • CANNOT use the Red Tee advantage on Hole#8- this hole is designated for the “Hole in One” contest ONLY.


Ball Drop Event .
  • 50/50 Format
  • Each player will have the opportunity to buy a ball for the payloader ball drop.
  • If your ball lands in the cup or nearest to the cup on the 18th green, you win!
  • The Cost is $1 per ball.


  • A team photograph will be taken of all foursomes and will be given to your group at the banquet following the tournament.

Drink Cart:

  • We will provide plenty of bottled water and other beverages for your pleasure!
  • Look For our staff as they drive around the course to offer you a beverage.
  • We will have a donation jar.  Have Fun and please stay hydrated!


After Golf

Please head upstairs to the Dining Room


Basket Raffle

  • Be sure to check out the Basket Raffle in the dining room before the Steak Bake.  Tickets available in the dining room for $1 each or a page of 25 for $20.  Fantastic baskets and prizes available.  See the list included in your team packet.

Steak Bake

  • Be seated promptly at 2:30 PM
  • You don’t want to miss our amazing  door prizes !

Thank you for participating this year and we hope to see you again next year!