Our Mission Statement

The Central Square Community Church is a family of Christ that recognizes the uniqueness of all who worship with us. We welcome all, as God welcomes us all.

We affirm our beliefs in God, the divinity of Christ, and the presence of the Holy Spirit.The purpose of our church is to provide spiritual nurture through meaningful worship, music, study, prayer, and mutual caring; to proclaim the gospel in our lives; and to accept the challenge to be co-workers or partners with God in responding to human needs in our community and globally.

In spite of our imperfections, we reach out towards a deeper understanding of God’s grace.

The Central Square Community Church has a active missions program.  We use our connection to the United Church of Christ to act globally through their mission efforts.  [We are a five for five church.] but we are also very active with our local mission program.  We actively support the local food pantry, and the local school district’s stuff-a-bus program providing school supplies for local kids in need.  We sponsor local families in need with our Thanksgiving and Christmas basket sponsorships and our food sense food box giving to local families.  Periodically, we select local charities and groups that have a need.  Over the years,  many many groups have been assisted with our gifts including the heart fund, cancer society, red cross, local ambulance, fire department and many more.2

Part of our mission is also achieved through our fellowship projects.  These projects allow our church family to grow together as we serve and mingle with unchurched members of our community.  Free breakfasts have been put on to honor community veterans, and emergency services volunteers.  Our fund raisers stress fellowship and community.  Our Bunco nights bring evenings of fun to many people in our community.  Ham and roast pork dinners are full of fun and service at the same time.  Lawn sales provide many families needed items at bargain prices.  The arts and craft sale and Lioness Club apple festival both bring fellowship opportunities to our members and our visitors.  Our summer performing arts camp for kids provides experiences to local youth in the world of local theater that they would not find elsewhere.  We believe that “all are welcome here” is an everyday extension of who we are as a church family.