Who We Are

The Central Square Community Church is first and foremost a church family with the emphasis on family.  We care about each other and express that through our worship and our fellowship.  We are an open and affirming group that accepts you wherever you are on your faith journey.  Come as you are and discover where your talents can best fit it.  Just visit us and see if you like it here.

Within the community, we are known for our excellent choir that provides inspiring music for worship and has presented excellent Christmas cantatas to the community for the past thirty years.  We have a connection with the United Church of Christ but we are open to all Christian denominations.  One of the beautiful things about the United Church of Christ is the each congregation has local control and we are amenable to that arrangement.  We have a history here.  Our first building in Central Square was built in 1846.  One of our church families has been active in this church for four generations.

For over one hundred and fifty years this Central Square Church has been the center of family worship, fellowship,  and community service.  We are proud of this community of faith and its accomplishments both large and small.  We recognize that many people from the past contributed much to make us what we are today as a loving family of faith.  We recognize that many changes have occurred over that time and that many more will occur in the future.  As a strong, resilient family of faith we know we can meet the challenges of the future and go forward to continue to be a vital force in our community to serve Jesus and proclaim his word for generations ahead.

Throughout that time this congregation knowingly and unknowingly  has sought to carry out the 5 purposes  of  a church community:

~Mission is about how we can make our church’s service, however we understand it, central in our life together: why we are a church and what God expects us to accomplish together.

~Fellowship is about deepening relationships and making all of our interactions welcoming and worthy of being called Christian.

~Worship is about making our services more compelling, meaningful and accessible… not just for those of us who are already a part of the congregation, but also for those people God wants us to reach.

~Generosity is about expanding our experience and expressions of thanksgiving such that we become more generous with our time, talents and treasure.

~Invitation is about helping us to share our faith more easily among ourselves, and then finding appropriate ways to share those promises beyond our four walls.

These principles, whether we are aware of them or not, is what makes us uniquely Christian in an often not so Christian world.  Much of our past successes have occurred while we carried out these principles and some of our brief historical failures have occurred while we strayed from them.

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